Dr Tolbert presented to the President the following concerning the OAS and DACA.

In an article wtiiten in May 2018 Dr Tolbert presented to the President the following concerning the OAS and DACA.

Dr Tolbert understands the Organization of American States OAS, that the United States president finally has assigned a representative to the OAS.

However the USA is still not helping and correcting the issue in Venezuela and soon there will be an election in Venezuela and we can only pray for the removal and the reestablishment of Venezuela as a free and independent country

Dr Tolbert ask and talks to God daily about God’s intervention.

Dr Tolbert believes God will protect us and Christian believers and there will be direct intervention by the OAS and the president of the United States of America to ensure Health is return to Venezuela and the economy allows Venezuelans to return back to their country .

Dr. Tolbert is talking to mother’s in Venezuela who had to send their children and families to Peru and other countries in addition the children’s mother and father‘s are dying.

He is talking to people in countries all over the world who are facing poverty and death. He is talking and praying daily for families that are not surviving and Dr. Tolbert is keeping them in prayers.

It is difficult for them as Christians to understand where God is in our churches and why our ministries are doing nothing to help them

Dr. Tolbert believes it’s for the benefit of everyone who comes to the understanding that God is our protector and it is difficult to comprehend God’s intentions. The trials and tribulations we face is in preparation for the dreams that God is giving you soon and how they will impact you and I in the world.

The 35 OAS countries need to take responsibility for their boulders and immigration.

Dr Tolbert

The question to be asked, “Is Russia and China’s involvement in Venezuela a threat to the security of the United States?”

To: The President of the United States.

Dr Tolbert for US Senate Fl 2018

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