Project: Bring Jobs HOME; MADE IN AMERICAi

I wrote this article when I ran for governor Florida 2014 when you read my complete article you would find how to bring jobs back to America. I understand more research is needed. Here is only one of many articles. Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD Was a Candidate for US senate Florida 2016. Added March […]

Hispanic and West Indies Culture

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD Is a candidate for U. S. Senate Florida 2018 Citizen for a Better America (CFABA) Hispanic and West Indies Culture Introduction Because I feel strongly about all Americans understanding other cultures, I have written this paper. In this paper, I will discuss the Hispanic culture on child rearing practices […]

ETHICAL DILEMMA IN, MODERN SOCIETY ETHICAL DILEMMA IN MODERN SOCIETY Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD CFABA Citizens for a Better America, Written by: Charles F. Tolbert Ed.D., Ed.M. Div.M., B.S. and retired Master Sergeant. Introduction: The purpose of this article is to pinpoint the improper behavior of Acts to Resolve Legal Conflict in any behavior by a Politician, […]

Code of Ethic

Dr. Charles F. Tolbert- Was a Candidate for U S Senate Fl 2016- A Citizen For a Better America Party of Florida Charles Frederick Tolbert Ed.D., Div.M,Ed.M.,B.S. ARTICLE I. WHAT EDUCATION IS. I believe that education goes beyond knowledge received in schools or found on the streets. Education is an inborn right of all individuals […]

Military whats the benifit for America (Bring back draft) Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD Retired MSGT Pastor Candidate for U S Senate Florida 2018 Issues: Some of my ideas…Your thoughts, input or comments Bring back draft-all 18 years serve one year • A military draft is beneficial because it expands the military in size and age range. A draft provides a quick way for […]