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Dr. Tolbert schedule

Dr. Tolbert schedule 8:35 pm – All Candidates – Closing Remarks Gulf Coast Village 1333 Santa Barbara Blvd Cape Coral, FL 33991 755 pm to 9pm Donna Schuman Germain Communications Director Chamber of Commerce of Cape Coral (239) 549-6900 Ext 107 Luther Lee For Congress wrote: October 25th at Wakulla County County Library, 4330 Crawfordville […]

A leader empowers all employees (the people)

The republican/democrat party and their electoral college is just like the EPA,IRS,FDA and all government departments,the 2 parties and their electoral college are government agencies.There are no political parties or a “college” that serves only the 2 parties and none of the many other political parties and npa independent voters. http://www.cfabamerica.com/a-leader-empowers-all-employees-the-people Retired MSGT, Dr Tolbert […]

complete article Bright Furture and Made in America

Article Bright Future and Made in America http://www.cfabamerica.com/complete-article-bright-furture-and-made-in-america On October 15th Dr Tolbert was at the debate where Charlie Crist and Rick Scott displayed their immaturity. We will look at Florida politics as a “Metaphor wrecking ball” and ask voters, how many times making the same mistake does it take to destroy Florida? In addition, […]

Article Bright Future and made in America

A vote for Tolbert is not a wasted vote!!! Not voting for a retired Master sergeant and voting for an individual who left the Army after 29 months. Not Voting for a pastor, but voting for someone who broke the law, possibly committed fraud and embezzlement. Not voting for a Doctor Of Educational Leadership, which […]

schedule for TOLBERT for Governor Florida

There are 19mil people living in Fl. and 11 mil voters, yet only 14% voted in the primary. The average turn out for general election is 40%. So who will the 26% vote for? October 25, 2014 Dr. Tolbert will be with Luther Lee who is a candidate for US Representative Florida district 2, contract […]