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Congress is in violation of the US Constitution

DR. CHARLES FREDRICK TOLBERT EDD, RETIRED MASTER SERGEANT AND A PASTOR Looks like 32 starting with President Jimmy Carter… Trump’s wall would be the 32nd active national emergency Trump’s wall would be the 32nd active n… National Emergency Act Text of H.R. 3884 (94th): National Emergencies Act (Passed Congress version) – Text of H.R. […]

The book of John and the words written ,”In The beginning was the Logos”.

. When John as an old man living in Ephesus, at the urging of Christians there sat down to write about his experiences with Jesus fifty years prior, like any good communicator, he wanted to do so in a way that would connect with those he hoped would read his work. He wanted those in […]

U.S. Citizenship is NOT a spectator sport! Charles Frederick Tolbert retired Master Sergeant, doctor of education, Pastor Being an American Citizens requires following-the constitution In an article wtiiten in May 2018 Dr Tolbert presented to the President the following concerning the OAS and DACA U.S. Citizenship is NOT a spectator sport! Fox News – Speak-Up – Ask your viewers….. […]

Prison reform

PASSAGE OF PRISON REFORM The Senate delivered a major bipartisan victory for President Trump’s FIRST STEP Act with a vote of 87-12. The FIRST STEP Act will help prisoners gain the skills they need to begin a new life when they reenter society, while keeping violent offenders behind bars to keep our communities safe. […]

Walking your vision Academy

Draft 12/14/2018 Copy and paste web links search and down load books. Everyone who is Called a Man (person) of God is an apostle. Many called of God are not as gifted as Paul, but if they have received a commission from God, they are just as truly apostles as Paul was. The apostles […]