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Dr Tolbert can be heard now on Straight talk radio

June 02, 2015 TBA June 04, 2015 Interview with: Sally Baptiste Toll roads now owned by foreign countries and agenda 21 Last night show With host Kelly and Leanna Co-host Dr Tolbert candidate for U.S. Senate Florida 2016 Guest speakers Sally Baptiste (Toll Roads) and Heather Gass (agenda 21) Please forward email to other […]

Application for US Senate Fl 2016

Call To Duty Is not just the veterans on the ones that died for our country but today is in remembrance of all citizens but they have a call to duty Retired MSGT Tolbert EdD Article II of the Constitution says the president has the power to: make treaties with other countries (with consent of […]

Look for an upcoming story as provided by Citizens For A Better America, explaining why the Democrat and Republican parties have violated the anti-trust act of 1914

When you vote in the 2016 election for the president or United State senate, ask yourself three questions: Did the candidate serve our country and risk his/her life to protect our freedom? Does the candidate have an education concerning how to teach the children of tomorrow? Does the candidate represent the views of 92% of […]

Twenty-two Questions asked Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD for U. S. senate Florida. 2016 Twenty-two Questions asked Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD Do you think the salary for the position you’re running for is appropriate? Do you think it ought to be automatically increased, or would you favor a different pay system? If so, what? There is a […]

Should marijuana be legalized? Why and why not?

Should marijuana be legalized? Why and why not? Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD Candidate For U. S. Senate Florida 2016 P. O. Box. 23935 Ft. Lauderdale Fl 33307 561-398-9025 Abstract This paper is written to present the pros and cons of legalization of medical marijuana. The intent is to present both sides without taking […]